Good Karma

I had the chance to buy this beauty about 5 years ago and for...reasons... I passed it on to one of the owners of my firm. Last week he responded to one of my occasional ribbings of “when are you going to sell me that S2 [for way too cheap]“ with “Sure, I haven’t driven it in 6 months”.

Axle bearings are a bitch!

Dear fellow home mechanics, if you’re familiar with this particular fun project I welcome you to chuckle along. If you have yet to face it, fear not, it’s not fun, but it’s not nearly impossible and will make a yuuuuge difference in your driving experience (if your current bearings are anything like mine were). I’d…

944 Project Car Blues

Do you know that excitement when you bring home a new (old) car? You peeked, drove, listened, touched and smelled enough to build an immediate list of what she needed. You heard the P.O. tell you [at least some fraction of] what he thought might be what was wrong with it. Hell, you’ve done this plenty of times what…


One type of car?

I met a guy, what he told me blew me away. He’s obviously what I’d classify as a “car guy”. He has focused his attention on 1 certain model of a Japanese halo car from the 90's (went so far as to say he only really liked 1 generation of said car). He’s got 2 nice versions of it, seemingly several parts cars and a…