Last year I brought home my first 944, I got a little cash and traded my previous project for her. It might have been one of my poorer financial moves but I was instantly in love with so much about this car.

The first day.

When I agreed to drive off in it I knew it had issues but I was only ho-hum about the Z32 and still mad at it for some engine issues and being a nightmare to work on. So I immediately set to work, and more work and then I made the inside not as horrible and then...... (you get the idea, she wasn’t exactly a creampuff).

After all that work I had made her MUCH more respectable....

And I loved the damn thing, she was the first in a while that I wasn’t tired of and thinking about a different car in under 6 months. 944's have a magic to them, they are in a sweet spot of being classic and analog, great handling, easy to work on. They were very well put together, even after 30 years and a healthy amount of neglect there was a solid “thunk” to the doors shutting, things are fastened together tightly, they don’t exhibit malaise era materials like so many did.


But one fateful day Karma decided I was due for a smile. I was given the opportunity to buy a car that I’d passed on (and regretted ever since) about 5 years ago.


This is Heidi, a ‘90 944 S2 Cabriolet, she is an utter departure from every old/toy car I’ve ever had. She has not been neglected or abused, she never suffered as many 944s have at the hands of owners that bought them as cheap fun cars, but couldn’t (or wouldn’t) keep up with Porsche levels of maintenance.


The S2 took all that was good about the 944 and turned it up to 11, it has gobs of torque from a 16v 3.0l mill. For ME the cabrio version (of which was only made for 2 years and in relatively small numbers) is the perfect blend of all worlds. No it’s not as stiff as the coupe, but I don’t expect to track her, she is a capable, very fun cruiser and I’ve always had a thing for topless beauties.

She still has a small list of things to keep me entertained as any car approaching 30 years old might, although I’ve already addressed half of them. For now I’m going to enjoy the hell out having a truly nice old car. I was a little sad to see my first 944 go, but for many reasons I had to send her off to another caring owner, better for my brief care.

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